2014 International Forum(TEDA)on the Development of Chinese Automotive Industry is upcoming
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China has become the largest auto market in the world; to build a powerhouse of automobiles is the common dream of players in Chinese automotive industry. To achieve the transformation and upgrading is crucial for the further development of Chinese automotive industry. During this historical turning period, to generate the program of building a powerhouse of automobiles on the strategically advantageous position has become the common understanding in Chinese automotive industry. In order to explore the route of building a powerhouse of automobiles and find ways to achieve the breakthrough, the annual grand industry event-International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development is scheduled to be held on September 5-7, 2014 in Tianjin Binhai New Area.
The forum is organized by China Automotive Technology & Research Center, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Automotive News Agency, and the Administration Commission of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area, aiming to build a high-end platform for the communications among government officials, industry experts and analysts, researchers, manufacturers, and journalists the so as to boost the further development of Chinese automotive industry.
A Grand Gathering of High-level Distinguished Guests in Chinese Automotive Industry
The forum has attracted the attention of the officials in the government authorities, such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Ministry of Commerce etc.. According the organizing committee of the forum, Mr.Wan Gang, Vice President of CPPCC and the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Nian Yong, Director-general of the Industrial Coordination Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Mr. Chen Bin, Executive Deputy President of China Federation of Machinery Industry will make important speeches on the Plenary Meeting ( Industry Reform and Direction and Orientation of the Policy) to direct the discussions on the guidance of government policies on boosting the sustainable development of automotive industry and building of a powerhouse of automobiles. Mr. Zhao Changwen, Director-general of the Department of Industrial Economy of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Mr. Li Chao with the Taxation Department of the Ministry of Finance, and other officials from the Department of High and New Technology Development and Industrialization of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Department of Science, Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Environmental Protection will make brilliant speeches on the plenary meeting (To build a Green Future for Automobile Industry) to guide the discussions on the energy-saving, emission reduction, and policy guidance etc..
Many world well-known transnational corporations and auto groups will send delegates to attend forum. Mr. Liu Weidong, the deputy general manager and member of the party committee of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Mr. Zhang Baolin, President of Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd., Mr. Soichiro Okudaira Senior Managing Officer Toyota Motor Corporation, Toshiyuki Shiga, Representative Director & Vice Chairman, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Takahiro Hachigo, Managing Officer, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. & Vice President, Honda Motor (China) Investment Corporation, Ltd. will be present at the plenary of (Enterprise’s Reform Practice and Planning) to discuss the reform and future program of automobile manufacturers. Mr. Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of the Board of BYD Auto Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zheng Gang, General Manager of Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. will attend the meeting to discuss the improvement of the industrial chain and the collaboration development of new energy vehicle segment so as to improve the commercialization level of new energy vehicles.
Mr. Sun Xiaodong, General Manager of Geey Auto Sales Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Haigang, General Manager of Dongfeng Peugeot Automobile Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Hui, executive deputy general manager of GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd, Mr. Hou Yan, General Manager of BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd., Liu Yu, General Manager of the Sales Company of BAIC Motor Corporation, and Mr. Mr. Wu Bing, Director-general, SAIC Chevrolet Business Department, will attend the subject meeting (Change of the Marketing in New Auto Consumption Period) to discuss the opportunities from the changes in marketing under the new auto consuming trend.
Many distinguished guests from the world-famous research institute and administrations, like Mr. Greg Schroeder, Research Analyst and Assistant Director, MET, Center for Automotive Research, Dr. Donald E. Panoz, Chairman, DeltaWing Technologies Inc., Mr. Toru ASAI, Director for Automotive International Trade Policy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, Ms. Margo Oge, Former Director, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, United States Environmental Protection Agency, and Dr. Alberto Ayala, Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board will attend the forum and make speeches.
Diversified Activities to be concurrently held to add Brilliance to the Forum
During the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the forum, the organizers will hold a series of diversified activities to demonstrate the brilliant course and achievements of the forum in the past ten years. The Forum has gone with the development of the Chinese automotive industry in the past ten brilliant years. All these benefit from the continuous efforts and supports from the players in Chinese automotive industry. According to the organizing committee of the forum, it will set 3 Awards (Prize for the Outstanding Contribution to the Forum in the Past 10 Years, Prize for the Great Contribution to the Forum in the Past 10 Years, and Prize for the Outstanding Contributors to the Forum in the Past 10 Years.
Aiming to exhibit the brilliance in the past years and create a more brilliant future, an exhibition on the achievements of the forum in the past 10 years will be held during the 2014 forum period.
In memory of this grand event, a stamp book-10 Years of Brilliance and a More Brilliant Future of International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development will make its debut during the forum. It includes 5 sections to review the forum in the past 10 years, including overview of the forum, annual themes, distinguished guests, authoritative achievements, and prospects.
Looking back to the great achievements and drawing the blueprint for future development, we sincerely invite you to attend the 2014 International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development.

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