Shanghai Volkswagen: Shouldering the enterprise responsibility and sharing experience of development
Source:China Automotive Information Net   2014-05-27 11:37:32

In May 2014, CATARC Vice President Gao Hesheng led a delegation and visited Shanghai Volkswagen Company and as received by its Sales Company Vice President Jia Mingdi. Gao Hesheng offered the CATARC President Zhao Hang’s invitation to Jia Mingdi and asked him to bring it to GM Zhang Hailiang, inviting him to attend IFCAID as the VIP. Jia Mingdi thanked the invitation and said IFCAID had become a brand in the industry and a high-end platform for communication promoting the high speed, healthy and sustainable development of the auto industry. Shanghai Volkswagen holds a down to earth and practical culture, shoulders the enterprise responsibility and hopes to share experience on the forum.


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