The 10 Years Pursuit for Development and Harmony on IFCAID has Never Changed
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After decades of hard working, China has grown into a prosperous country with large population while the Chinese auto industry has also developed into the No.1 in the world in terms of production and sales just in only a few decades. The rapid development has brought China into an "auto society" and problems of energy, transportation, and environment are becoming even more obvious due to the huge number of autos owned by Chinese. Every aspect of people’s life is affected and especially the highly concentrated stream of people and vehicles in rush hours are making the urban transportation even worse. The pollutant emission of most motor vehicles in China is several times higher than the developed countries while the time of low speed driving and emergent acceleration and other unstable situations is prolonged, causing severe pollutant emission. The ever increasing autos and road traffic volume in cities also makes the parking in downtown even more difficult. Therefore, finding the way to create a more harmonious auto society and let the industry develop healthily and sustainably has always been the focus ever since the birth of IFCAID.
Insisting the core and development and holding the faith of harmony
In 2005 as the Chinese auto industry was fast growing, IFCAID was born to suit the situation then. On the micro level, IFCAID has made in-depth analysis and discussion on the inherent restructuring and transforming and upgrading of the auto industry while on the macro level it has made overall study and exploration on auto society and industry outlook, environmental protection and energy saving, green manufacturing etc. IFCAID also flows closely with all the different time backgrounds like the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, the financial crisis, economic transforming etc, lead the industry to search for the responsibility and future of Chinese auto industry. All of the efforts symbolize IFCAID’s everlasting responsibility and faith of promoting social development and harmony under the perpetual theme of sustainable development.
Guiding the policy orientation and promote social development
Social development needs correct policy guidance and the issuing of the policies must be rooted in the social status quo and maintain objective and convincing public opinions. Over the years IFCAID has been playing an important role in guiding the public opinion in the auto industry. On previous fora, officials from NDRC, Ministry of Finance, MIIT all gave a series of opinions about issues as to coerce production surplus, encourage corporate merger and acquisition, develop new energy vehicle industry, carry out energy saving vehicle subsidy policy, enhance air pollution treatment and so on, which urged the government to issue the relevant auto industry policies. Those policies have both promoted the healthy development of the auto industry and made preparation for China to gradually enter the auto society, helping China keep the harmonious and steady pace of development and the astonishingly fast growing speed.

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