TEDA forum promote the internationalization of Chinese Automotive Industry
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International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development (IFCAID) was established in 2005 and has always been sticking to the China standpoint, holding the global perspective and building the premium international communication platform for the auto industry. After 9 years of hard working, IFCAID has become the most authoritative and influential high-end brand event with the highest level and broadest range of participation in the auto industry.
Sino-foreign auto industry communication platform
Nowadays in light of economic globalization, auto industry has sped up the process of integration and China auto industry has become an important part in the world auto industry while the global auto industry is facing the common pressures and challenges. IFCAID provides a high-end platform for in-depth communication and starting collaboration among the Chinese and foreign auto industry.
IFCAID attaches great importance to internationalization. The speakers on previous forum were from not only Chinese government and domestic industry organizations and whole vehicle enterprises but also many multinational auto enterprises and world famous industry organizations. They attended the forum and made important speeches and discussed the auto industry development from the global perspective. Leaders from US EPA Transportation and Air Quality Division, Environment and Transportation Division under the Federal Environment Bureau of Germany, Manufacturing Industry Bureau under the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Japan, SAE International, ICCT, International Energy Agency, American Center for Automotive Research, JAMA all made speeches on IFCAID.
The high level media report from China and abroad is also a key factor for the forum to succeed. Reuters, Bloomberg, Japan Economic News, UK Financial Times etc. have all participated in IFCAID and made long and extensive reports, ensuring the high level international characteristic of the forum and making the voice of forum spreading all over the world.
Although there are many similar auto fora in China, IFCAID is recognized as the No.1 international forum due to its high level and large scale by the industry.
Others' suggestions can help us improve
China auto market has been the No.1 in the world for 5 years in a row and China now is the genuine large auto manufacturing country in the world. As the auto market in China keeps expanding, global automakers all put high expectation upon the China market. China auto industry must be geared to the world in terms of capital, market and technology. Compared with the powerful auto countries, China auto industry is still far lagged behind and facing unprecedented difficulties during the development. Developed countries entered the auto society much earlier and their experience can benefit us at the moment.
On the forum, experts from foreign organizations and enterprises shared their experience and offer new thoughts and ideologies to the auto society development in China. High level officers from GM, Ford, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Toyota, PSA, Nissan etc. were present on IFCAID and shared their ideas about their advanced vehicle making concepts and new technologies, which could be helpful to the R&D of home automakers.
Chinese auto "Going Abroad"
Auto industry internationalization is an important part in the global auto industry development and a index symbolizing the industrialization level of a certain country's auto industry. Fully participating in the international competition is a prerequisite for nurturing a global auto brand and multinational enterprise. Ever since joining WTO, auto industry in China has been soaring and the internationalization process accelerating. But on the whole the export quantity of Chinese auto products is still very small and "Going Abroad" still lacks an overall strategy.
The officials of China Ministry of Commerce and NDRC have mentioned the strategy of "Going Abroad" on IFCAID for several times, releasing policy information and encouraging the advantaged enterprises to build alliance and increase overseas investment, supporting enterprises to set up their own marketing network abroad, supporting the capable enterprises to have international merger and acquisition for obtaining the core technologies and setting up R&D and production bases, use multilateral or bilateral mechanism to actively promote the vehicle and component enterprises to have international collaboration and communications.
IFCAID is embracing the 10th anniversary in 2014 and will go on functioning as the hub linking all the different parties in the auto industry, promote the internationalization process of China auto industry and enhance the win-win collaboration among the global auto enterprises.

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